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At Dip ‘n’ Go, you can enjoy your favourite finger food with a variety of irresistible dips. Perfect for busy bees on the go, our compact cup meals are designed for convenience. Our drink cup doubles up as a food and dip holder. Think of it as an all–in‐one quick bite. Drop by our kiosk after school or work, grab a cup of small bites, choose your favourite dip and round it off with a drink. Dip your finger food in and enjoy a party in your mouth while on the run. Dip ‘n’ Go adds a dash of fun to hands­on deliciousness. Feeling peckish already? Come on and take a dip.


Meet Le Le the chick. He’s a cheery, fun-loving bird who is always in search of adventure and new friends. He lives in a wonderful world of dips, a fantasy land where lush fountains gush forth delectable dips that spill into lazy winding streams. It is little wonder then, that Le Le loves nothing more than taking a relaxing dip. And with many different flavoured streams ranging from Curry Mayo to Fiery Chilli, Le Le is always spoilt for choice. This is his little paradise and he is looking for more friends to join him in his dipping adventures. So go on, take a dip with Le Le, and have a splashing good time!